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Showcasing our most inspiring moments and exclusive travel ideas, Akorn Southeast Asia's INSPIRE takes you closer to the cuisine, culture, art and architecture of our region and Insider Access, or family-friendly, active adventures with Akorn Southeast Asia. We've got you covered for your client's next Southeast Asia trip!


INSPIRE | January 2021

Find out about an Urban Renewal project in Bangkok that has transformed a polluted canal into the city’s newest trendy river walk, learn how we pay homage to our ancestors during Vietnam’s lunar celebrations, find yourself at the top of Mount Batur during an Indonesia sunset, and give back to the world through philanthropic and community projects in Myanmar and Laos.

INSPIRE | November 2020

Escape and give back to the community at an island retreat in Cambodia, feed the spirit with the traditional healing of Sound Therapy or make merit with Buddhist monks in Myanmar. Explore the mountains and villages of northern Thailand on a self-drive tuk tuk adventure and discover a specialty noodle dish in Hoi An, Vietnam.

INSPIRE | September 2020

Explore our enticing custom tour experiences across Southeast Asia. Feast on a tuk tuk breakfast in the shadow of Angkor in Cambodia, meet a Lao royal arts specialist, explore cocoa plantations in Vietnam or perhaps escape on a luxury private yacht voyage in the Spice islands of Indonesia. 

INSPIRE | July 2020

As we enter the second half of the year, we share a heartwarming story about baby sea turtles in Thailand, as well as trekking ideas in Myanmar and an off-road jeep journey in Vietnam. Discover our philanthropy project in Laos and a chance to meditate with monks at sunrise in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

INSPIRE | May 2020

This issue, we share more of our favorite experiences across the region, including trekking and biking in Vietnam, moments of meditation across Southeast Asia and exclusive villas stays where you can experience privacy and luxury while engaging in local culture at the same time.

INSPIRE | March 2020

Live out the dream of Indonesia and cruise the Komodo islands in a private chartered yacht, experience life on the edge of a volcano in Bali and learn how to make authentic Balinese cuisine. Then head over to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to discover the traditional craftsmen of Cholon district and explore the world of contemporary art in Yangon, Myanmar.

INSPIRE | February 2020

Go off-road in Cambodia on an army-style jeep and taste a refreshing Burmese brew at a craft beer house in Yangon, Myanmar. Discover the “Rice Bowl of Vietnam” in the Mekong Delta and experience a spiritual blessing in Bali. We also unveil our partnership with Vanishing Bangkok: The Changing Face of Bangkok, a photo exhibition by Ben Davies that highlights the almost forgotten corners of the city.

INSPIRE | January 2020

Trek among waterfalls, coffee plantations and native forests in the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos, discover a centuries-old Vietnamese combat and martial arts technique that almost faded into obscurity in Hue and be inspired by Myanmar's unique craft traditions at a social enterprise in Yangon. Then fly over Cambodia's remote countryside for an exclusive breakfast at a secluded temple and delve into Bangkok's underground art scene.

INSPIRE | December 2019

Kayak Cambodia's vast Tonle Sap Lake to discover a living lake with floating villages and vibrant bird life, uncover the unique traditional dance of Indonesian masters and Bagan's age-old lacquerware art. Taste the best of Vietnam with its royal lotus rice dish and experience a morning with monks in Bangkok.

INSPIRE | November 2019

Admire Thailand’s Red Lotus Sea, which only blooms this time of year, discover a master of Indonesia’s mask-making arts and find out why we love Cambodia’s national curry - fish amok. We take you inside to meet the owner of a traditional home in Hue, Vietnam and see Myanmar’s floating farms at Inle Lake from a new angle.

INSPIRE | October 2019

Discover the rarity of Burmese cats in Myanmar, experience the excitement of Cambodia’s Water Festival, admire Lanna architecture in northern Thailand, embark on a thrilling motorbike adventure in Vietnam and bask in the bright lights of Thailand's metropolis for One Night in Bangkok, Akorn style.


INSPIRE | September 2019

Learn more about Myanmar's newest UNESCO site, discover a world of handmade crafts in Hanoi, uncover Chiang Mai's street art scene, meditate at a waterfall in Laos and dine by candlelight at a traditional wooden house overlooking royal baths in Siem Reap, Cambodia. 


INSPIRE | July 2019

Discover ancient burial rituals in Indonesia's highlands, witness Cambodia's noble shadow puppet tradition, escape to a natural oasis in Laos, meet our Insider expert at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, Vietnam and see Myanmar through the eyes of an artist.  

INSPIRE | June 2019

Check out the "Center of Cool" in Chiang Mai, discover Mandalay's house of gold, explore a hidden underground world in Ho Chi Minh City, make a spiritual connection in Bali and enjoy sunset on the Mekong.

INSPIRE | May 2019

Meet Myanmar's umbrella makers, bike through Bangkok's backroads, taste Indonesia's symphony of flavors, explore Vietnam's sacred water caves and dive into Thailand's underwater world.

INSPIRE | April 2019

Encounter Indonesia’s Komodo dragons, taste World’s Best cuisine in Bangkok, discover the value of Lao silver, experience Chiang Mai’s blissful morning blessings and learn about Sanctuary Ananda and an AKP Philanthropy project in Myanmar.

INSPIRE | March 2019

Discover a little-known Khmer miracle in Thailand, experience Myanmar's royal marionette traditions, savor the flavors of sin dad (Lao barbecue), capture Angkor at its best with a New York Times photographer and delve deeper into the Mekong Delta on a private overnight sampan cruise.

INSPIRE | February 2019

Experience 4,000 wonders of Laos' inland archipelago, create signature cocktails at a Khmer liqueur house and get fitted for a traditional ao dai dress in Vietnam. Meet an anthropologist to uncover the secrets of Phnom Penh and discover Thai textiles and traditions with a local art expert.

INSPIRE | January 2019

Taste the glorious food scene in Bangkok, give the gift of clean water in Siem Reap and experience a baci blessing in Laos. Helicopter to Ayutthaya with an archaeologist and dine in a rice field in Hoi An.

INSPIRE | December 2018

Discover Vietnam's New Year flower markets and light one thousand oil lamps at a pagoda in Yangon. Experience the taste trail of Siem Reap, get the mark of an ancient "Sak Yant" tattoo by a master and cruise Cambodia's great lake at sunset.

INSPIRE | November 2018

Discover the secret life of monks in Luang Prabang, join an acrobatics workshop in Siem Reap, enjoy a night out with a local in Hanoi, experience Loy Krathong in Thailand and see into your future with a Burmese astrologer.

INSPIRE | October 2018

Get "ph-un and ph-unky in Phnom Penh, explore the intricate wardrobe of Thailand's Queen Mother, experience the simple life in Ky Son, Vietnam, witness a coming of age ceremony in Myanmar and sip sundowners on a royal speedboat in Bangkok.

INSPIRE | September 2018

Design your day with our tailor-made experiences in Bangkok, learn secret recipes of a Shan village chef, admire astonishing acrobatics in Hoi An, experience the spirit of adventure in Indonesia and enjoy a picnic in the mysterious Plain of Jars.

INSPIRE | August 2018

Discover Ho Chi Minh City on a fascinating market trail, taste the best pepper in the world in Kampot, Cambodia and immerse in the burgeoning arts scene of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Plus, meet our Insider expert to learn about Lao textiles in rural villages and see the magnificent Inle Lake from the sky in a hot air balloon.

INSPIRE | July 2018

Take part in a Thai puppet show, learn how to make Shan paper, experience local life in the Mekong Delta, picnic at remote temples by helicopter or dine at a floating restaurant at Inle Lake.

INSPIRE | June 2018

Discover culture & cuisine in Hanoi, play petanque with locals in Luang Prabang, hunt for treasure at Angkor Wat, enjoy an evening at Ben Xuan in Hue or dine with a temple view in Bagan.

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