The People's Republic of China  

When you mention the country, “China” to anyone it always elicits a response: ancient civilization, remarkable history, massive population, exquisite art, and rising superpower.  There is no middle ground – China is the sleeping dragon come to life. 

And as a traveler there are few other destinations that can rival it.  Its landscapes encompass everything from deserts, to snow-capped mountains, open grasslands, and tropical forests.  Her 1.4 billion people are a united nations of ethnic diversity; 56 distinctive cultures make up the population profile of the country.  And its history surpasses all others with over 6,000 years of continuous development and an astounding depth of civilization.  No other country can equal the sheer breadth of this kaleidoscope of life. 

The typical and all too overused clichés about China really do miss the essence of what the country is. Yes it is the fastest growing economy on earth, yes it is developing and evolving faster than any other country at any other time in history and yes, her people are emerging to embrace the world.  But what we often forget about China is its unique situation in today’s world: an ancient civilization which is also a young country.  Informed by its past it is now growing in confidence making the transition to an international power.  There is no other country that can match this dichotomy of ancient achievement, harsh struggles, and renewed strength quite like today’s China. 

The need or interest in travel means different things to different people but no matter your background or your interests the need to visit China is important.  For anyone who wants to understand the world and the challenges it faces then a trip to China is a necessity.  All who visit return with a new understanding of what China is and where it is going.

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