A land-locked nation of charm and outstanding natural beauty, Laos is sparse on inhabitants but rich in fascinating cultural heritage, picturesque green vestures and warm, welcoming smiles. 

Home to just six million residents, Laos offers a serene getaway with wide open spaces and an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy. An increasingly popular travel destination, this rural wonderland has embraced tourism in recent years as travellers have begun to realise the irresistible charms Laos offers.

Travel in luxury around inspirational and diverse areas such as Pakse and Luang Nam Tha or absorb the colonial-style buildings and café culture of Vientiane before admiring the sweeping lush vistas of Luang Prabang.  We can work with you to create tailor-made, insightful experiences to uncover the treasures of this cultural treasure trove, staying at the finest hotels Laos has to offer.

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