Jordan Travel Tips

Time Zone

GMT + 2 during winter and GMT + 3 during summer, from May 1st to October 1st.


The official language of Jordan is Arabic.

English is widely spoken, especially in the cities, and many Jordanians have travelled or been educated abroad. French, German, Italian and Spanish are also spoken to a lesser extent.


The local currency is the Jordanian Dinar, or "JD", which is divided into 1000 fils.

Money Matters

American Express, Visa, and MasterCard are widely accepted, while Access and Diners Club have more limited use. Check with your credit card company for details of merchant acceptability.


Tipping is never required but always appreciated.

In hotels and restaurants, 10% may be added to the bill, but a small tip for the waiters is appropriate. For hotel bellmen and porters, ½ or 1 JOD, or US $1 is customary. In taxis, pay the nearest round figure to the price on the meter. Visitors would normally consider tipping their guide, driver on tours, hotel staff, and waiters in restaurants.

However, tips for portage in airports and hotels are always covered by our staff.


Best time to go to Jordan

Jordan experiences hot and dry summers with cool evenings. The Jordan Valley below sea level is warm during winter and extremely hot in summer. Rain falls between November and March, while colder weather conditions occur in December and January. Lightweight cottons and linens are advised between May and September. Warmer clothes are necessary for winter and cool summer evenings, while rainwear is needed from November to April. 


Jordan is primarily a Muslim country, although the freedom of all religions is protected.

Revealing clothing is never appropriate and conservative clothing is advisable for both men and women in downtown Amman and in rural areas.

Topless sunbathing is prohibited and one-piece swimsuits are preferred, although two-piece swimsuits are acceptable in hotel pools or beaches.

Evenings can be cool in summer, so a sweater or a shawl is advisable.


No vaccinations are needed for visits to Jordan.

During your stay, it is preferable to drink only bottled water, although it is fine to shower and brush your teeth using tap water.

For up to date information on latest health and vaccination recommendations, please contact your doctor.


The electrical system is based on 220 AC volts, 50 cycles, and requires rounded two prong wall plugs.


If you are taking photographs of local people, always ask their permission beforehand.

Your guide can assist you in this. Film is readily available in all tourist areas.

It is advisable to carry your camera in a dust-proof bag.

Arrival and Departure Formalities

All nationalities require tourist visas for Jordan.

• The entry visa fee is waived for the clients staying for a minimum of 2 consecutive nights in Jordan (whether coming as a group or individually), and coming through a Jordanian tour operator; provided you send us a visa list with full passport details (full name, date of birth, passport number, issue date, expiry date, nationality) 1 week prior to arrival.

• If we do not have the passport details in advance, then the visa can be obtained at Amman's Queen Alia International Airport for most nationalities, note that payment must be in local currency. At the moment, the amount is equal to JOD 40.000 = US.D. 60.00 / payable only in local currency.

Local Handicrafts

Jordan is a shoppers' paradise offering hand-blown glassware, inlaid boxes, silver, gold, jewellery, brass, copper, carpets, antiques, leather wear, spices, perfumes, alabaster, embroidered covers, wall hangings and furniture.

It is prohibited to export any ancient artefacts. Be careful when investing in "genuine antiques" which in many cases are excellent forgeries.

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