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Bringing you insider news and information about our Asia, keeping you up to date with what's trending in the region. Plus, we share our local knowledge and expert advice, highlighting our Top 5 picks of where to go and what do, and exclusive interviews with local experts and industry tastemakers, highlight exclusive offers and more! 


Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | July 2022

We share an update about our team’s recent trip to Bali as well as a new way to discover Laos with the recently launched high-speed railway. We also reveal our Top 5 Markets of Bangkok and learn how a school in Thailand has helped change lives in Cambodia with the help of our AKP Philanthropy project.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | May 2022

With the perfect weather arriving right now into places like Bali, we reveal some of our favorite experiences across Indonesia, and also share our Top 5 Adrenaline-Pumping Adventures in Southeast Asia, from countryside adventures to jungle explorations. We also chat with the man behind Chiang Rai’s most exciting dining destination, Chef Kong of Locus Native Food Lab, and we welcome Robert Rankin as our Country Manager for Vietnam.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | March 2022

As we welcome guests back to Southeast Asia, we share a few words about what our guests and advisors say about traveling with Akorn now. We also chat with Donald Wong, General Manager of Song Saa Private Island, join in a moment of silence for Indonesia’s upcoming Nyepi festival and discover our Top 5 Foodie Finds in Southeast Asia, from coffee to pepper and hill tribe vegetables.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | December 2021

In this issue, we share our new Wellness and Spirituality of Bali journey, our favorite must-dos in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and our Top 5 ways to bring in the New Year in Thailand. Also, catch up with Jean-Baptiste Richard, our new Regional Managing Director for Southeast Asia, and learn how your travelers can make an impact through our philanthropy projects in Chiang Mai and Luang Prabang.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | October 2021

Find out what Southeast Asia’s top chefs love to eat and discover our Ultimate Luxury Honeymoon Adventure in Thailand. Get an update about our new philanthropy project in Myanmar, check out our new Villa Portfolio and catch up with our regional re-opening news.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | July 2021

Our teams in Southeast Asia have been working on some new ideas to inspire your clients. This month, we highlight Indonesia’s top surf breaks with our new luxury Surf Safari, as well as a VIP foodie adventure with a top chef in Chiang Mai. We also share our Top 5 wellness experiences in Southeast Asia and unveil our Phuket yacht portfolio.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | May 2021

Find out about Thailand's Road Map to Re-opening and how to make the most of a quarantine-free stay in Phuket. We also share our Top 5 Favorite Restaurants on Asia's 50 Best List, our team’s recent travel highlights and our Regional Managing Director's thoughts on how the travel industry will develop in the coming months.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | March 2021

In this month’s issue of Akorn Southeast Asia Insider, join us on our best 72 hours in Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, Indonesia, and discover why we love the Slow Travel concept in Vietnam. We also put the spotlight on our favorite private villa experience in northern Thailand and a brief travel update around Southeast Asia.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | October 2020

Find out the latest news on the ground in Southeast Asia. Find out how our teams have been spending their time, exploring their own backyards and developing new experiences to inspire your clients when international travel resumes and the borders re-open. 

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | July 2020

In this condensed issue, we offer a brief snapshot of what is trending for future travel in Southeast Asia and keep you up to date with our flexible booking policy and our revised Health and Safety protocols, keeping you and your guests safe throughout your journey. 

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | April 2020

From Thailand’s spicy tom yum soup to Myanmar’s traditional tea leaf salads, Southeast Asia is a mecca of epicurean delights. Discover some of our favorite culinary experiences, plus mark your calendars with our cultural festival highlights. Our INSIDER textiles scholar reveals the wonder of ancient textiles and we are take part in Vanishing Bangkok, a photo exhibition that captures the fading moments of our city.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | March 2020

Whether you’re into nature and wildlife or bustling cities full of history and culture, Southeast Asia has it all! Experience 48 hours with us in Ho Chi Minh City, get an INSIDER’s perspective on Cambodia from a journalist and former member of the UN’s Khmer Rouge Tribunal and discover a destination in trend – Ayutthaya, Thailand. Plus, check out our Top 5 most exciting and off-beat adventures on Southeast Asia’s rivers or lakes.  

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | February 2020

We are hitting the ground running in 2020 with our new AKP Philanthropy project giving guests a chance to give back and make a difference in Luang Prabang. Discover why Southeast Asia is being recognized for its impact through creativity and we reveal our Top 5 favorite family getaways across the region. We also chat with one of the biggest stars in the Yangon dining scene.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | December 2019

In our final issue of 2019, we highlight one of most memorable and indulgent things to do in Southeast Asia – afternoon tea. We chat with a top Vietnamese chef who has developed a loyal following in Hoi An and around the world, share how "we do" 48 hours in Phnom Penh and uncover the true spirit of Balinese rice fields.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | November 2019

As a city that is constantly reinventing itself, Bangkok is guaranteed to excite, amaze and surprise, no matter how many times you have visited before. Explore our Akorn journeys that go beneath the layers of this cosmopolitan city to uncover a different experience, each time. Discover why you should make time to visit one of the most ethical and responsible sanctuaries in Laos and check out our Top 5 dishes to try in Asia’s best culinary destination – Vietnam. We also chat with a textiles specialist about the fabric of Southeast Asia and introduce Miles, our new Country Manager for Vietnam.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | October 2019

Find out the best NYE celebrations and Countdown to 2020, Akorn Southeast Asia style. Discover our Top 5 “Into the Wild” trails of Southeast Asia, experience the wisdom of wellness in Thailand and Laos and meet the co-founder of Bangkok’s Creative District.


Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | September 2019

Want to know where to go for the most inspirational “Instagramable” pics? We snapped the region’s most beautiful and not so well-known locations that will have your followers all 😍! Find out why Bangkok is our favorite foodie destination, get an update from our AK Philanthropy project in Cambodia and discover immersive wellness philosophies with the woman behind COMO’s flagship operation in Bali, Indonesia.


Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | August 2019

We share with more travel insights and insider scoops in Southeast Asia, including our Top 5 spa retreats and an exclusive offer combining two of Cambodia’s most iconic properties. We also chat with a woman who is bringing quality Myanmar crafts to the world and highlight our most rewarding travel experiences with locals.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | July 2019

Hear about our favorite luxury villa experience in northern Thailand, keep up-to-date with our Top 5 must-dos after the sun goes down, get creative with multi-generational travel and meet an Akorn Insider who is preserving Laos’ royal arts traditions.


Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | June 2019

Discover more about our excursions in Indonesia and Singapore in partnership with Aqua Expeditions, one of the world’s most luxury river and yacht cruise specialists. We also reveal our Top 5 picks for Southeast Asia’s hottest restaurants, learn how AKP Philanthropy is inspiring profound change in Chiang Mai through mushroom farming, and share the story of Cambodia’s HeroRATs.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | May 2019

We share our Top 5 picks for summer in Southeast Asia and showcase our tailor-made private shore excursion service. Plus, we give you a preview of our new experiences in Vietnam and waive single supplement fees on selected Luxury Small Group Journeys.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | April 2019

In this issue, we unveil our Exclusive Cambodia journey, featuring the best of Cambodia’s city, culture, island and nature. We also share our Top 5 reasons to add Dalat to your Vietnam must-see list, chat with Bangkok’s Creative District’s dynamic design duo and introduce our AKP Philanthropy project in Mai Chau, Vietnam. 

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | March 2019

Experience tranquility amid the rolling hillsides of northern Laos, discover something chic or pick up a bargain at our favorite Bangkok markets and explore the latest trends in arts, design and fashion with an art curator in Siem Reap. We also share an update about our philanthropy project and introduce our new Groups Manager.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | February 2019

Discover ancient and uplifting traditions with our new wellness journey and get ready for Songkran celebrations around the region. We also reveal this year's trending honeymoon moments and chat with one of our favorite archaeologists about where to go and what to see in Southeast Asia.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | December 2018

Take a look at some of our favorite Instagrammable moments in Southeast Asia and go off the grid in southern Thailand’s Khao Sok National Park. Discover our favorite “insider” ways to experience Ho Chi Minh City and meet an artist who is bringing life and color to Bangkok’s backstreets.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | November 2018

This month, we take you to experience the Vietnam’s coffee country and explore mindfulness in Thailand. We also reveal our Top 5 antique shops and galleries in Southeast Asia and meet an art expert and social entrepreneur who is weaving new opportunities in Laos.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | October 2018

This month, we take you to Luang Prabang, Laos, for our favorite “crop to bowl” farming and noodle-making experience and unveil an unforgettable private jet journey through Southeast Asia. We also meet Chef Ian Kittichai, a master chef making waves in international culinary circles and share our Top 5 experiences in Hue, Vietnam. Plus, try healthy eating with insects and check out the latest news from around the region.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | August 2018

Discover Cambodia’s art, fashion and design scene, and explore over 800 islands of paradise off the coast of Myanmar. We’ll tell you our favorite picks for Last Minute Getaways to take in 2018 and chat with one of our Insider experts, a U.S. Veteran living in Hanoi. Check out our philanthropy project near Angkor Wat and find out how your guests can get involved. Plus, our Insider Scoop from around the region.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | July 2018

This month, we reveal the best places to go and what to do during Southeast Asia’s green season, and we why we choose Lan Ha Bay over Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. We also share our Top 5 favorite eats and cultural festivals that are worth jumping on a flight for and this month’s insider interview tells the story of two cool chicks and their love affair with cheese that created a social enterprise in Laos.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | June 2018

Our DMC is celebrating 30 years in Southeast Asia!  Check out our family fun experiences, a new chartered cruise on the Mekong, our Top 5 Shopping in Southeast Asia, an exclusive interview about Art & The Secretariat in Yangon, A Traveler's Tale and News from the Region.

Akorn Southeast Asia Insider | May 2018

Our inaugural issue features the Hoi An Lantern Festival, Photographic Journeys with Akorn in Southeast Asia, Our Top 5 UNESCO Sites you must see, an exclusive interview with Nicholas Downing, General Manager of The Siam and special offers from Rosewood Luang Prabang & Phnom Penh.


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