Treetops Lodge & Estate


Hotel overview

Nestled in 2,500acres of 800-year old native forest, Treetops Lodge & Estate is a life-long dream realised by owner and passionate naturalist, John Sax.

This uniquely New Zealand experience is a sanctuary and retreat nestled within breath taking terrain, offering world-class accommodation and the adventure plenty of outdoor activities  centred around seven streams, four lakes, and over 70 kilometres of adventure trails. 

Located just 20 minutes from the Maori heartland Rotorua, experience exclusively at Treetops the Maori Food Trail and the Wild Food Cooking Class, before unwinding in the newly constructed Treetops Spa that combines the most modern spa products and techniques with indigenous and therapeutic Maori treatments. 

Dreamt and designed to welcome families, Treetops provides you opportunities to do something special and memorable: from Junior Cooking Classes to Photography Safaris, Helicopter Tours, 4WD experience, Maori Poi Making and Flax Weaving, as well as mountain biking and treks to spectacular waterfalls.

Types of Rooms

Escape to a world rich in warmth and rustic charm, take refuge in lush landscapes and creature comforts that beckon you home, and embrace a life well lived. Succumb to the allure of inviting spaces that comfort the soul and set the heart at ease, suffused with warmth and the sustaining essence of home. Bask in the serenity of peaceful seclusion or delight in the bustle of heartfelt companionship and find your own pace. 

Wake refreshed as glints of sunlight dapple the room and you are gently encouraged to rise by the melodic trill of birdsong. Get away from it all. Embrace serenity. Renew. Greet the day as the mist rises from the land and the estate stirs and slowly comes to life. Join in the daily ritual of renewal as you too emerge from slumber and respond to the distant hum of activity and the alluring call of adventure. Set your own pace and emerge from your tranquil retreat restored and rejuvenated, ready to seize the day, whatever it may hold. 

Forest Villa
Tucked away amidst the beautiful native New Zealand forest, or overlooking the spectacular lakes and wildlife of the Treetops estate, the secluded Villas are the ideal place to escape it all and while away the hours. 

Valley Villa
With a private patio overlooking vast views of the Horohoro Bluffs and Valley below, the secluded Villas are the ideal place to escape it all and while away the hours. 

Lodge Rooms
Immerse yourself in the steadily beating heart of the Lodge, feel the pulse of activity surge and whirl around you, and join in the rhythm. Stay at the heart of it all. Experience everything. Connect. Discover the steadfast character and mutable moods of the lodge and experience the subtle shirts in temperament as activity ebbs and flows and moment come and go. 

Created to offer 'home away from home' for families and groups; it has been designed to reflect the best in luxury New Zealand lodge accommodation while maintaining a warm homely feel. 

Pheasant Cottage
Discover a rustic retreat, reconnect, deepen relationships, and forge lasting moments that will bring comfort and nourish the soul. Strengthen bonds. Reconnect. Reminisce by the fire, recall past antics, relive pivotal moments and laugh. Enjoy preparing meals together in the spacious kitchen or engage in lively discourse over cosy home-cooked food or a glass of wine. Friends or family, past or present, recapture the simple pleasures that give life meaning. 

Owner's Retreat
Ensconce yourself at the heart of the Treetops experience and let the warm rustic character of the lodge envelop you, as the echoes of activity eddy around you, gently inviting you to join the flow of the current. Soak it all in. Engage. Discover the ultimate group getaway, become an integral part of the lodge story, and contribute to the overarching whole. 

Room Amenities

Forest Villa
Four Villas equipped with King Bed, Nespresso machine, Marble bathrooms, Twin hand basins, Heated towel rails, Spa bath and Separate shower; Under floor heating, Open stone fireplace, Satellite television, Lounge, Private Patio surrounded by native forest. 

Valley Villa
Four Villas equipped with King bed; Marble bathrooms, Twin hand basins, Heated towel rails, Spa bath and Separate shower; Under floor heating, Open stone fireplace, Satellite television, Lounge with pull out sleeper sofa (in two of the rooms) and a Private Patio. 

Lodge Rooms
The Lodge Room is equipped with King bed, Marble bathrooms with two hand basins, Heated towel rails, Spa bath and Separate shower, Under floor heating and Satellite television. Shared living space with kitchen and dining facilities. Open fireplace, private entrance and French doors accessing the Estate grounds.

The Pheasant Cottage
The cottage is self-catering and features a fully equipped kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a lounge area with a fireplace and a flat-screen television. A spacious external patio includes barbecue facilities and outdoor seating.

Please note that there is no cellular or Wi-Fi coverage at the Cottage. However, Wi-Fi is available for guest use in the main lodge. 

Owner's Retreat
Enjoy exclusive use of the entire lodge wing and keep your finger on the pulse, ensuring that you do not miss even the smallest detail. Relax in one of the four beautifully appointed Lodge Rooms, lounge and socialise by the fire in the rustic comfortable living area that opens out onto the verdant lawns of the lodge, or enjoy stimulating conversation as you converge around the central dining bar in the spacious kitchen. 

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